Mike Horan Memorial Fund

Mike Horan, one of PMMNG’s long-time members, passed away in May of 2011. To honor and remember him, his family requested that donations be made in his name to the PMMNG. Together, the Horan family and the PMMNG Board of Directors have established the Mike Horan Memorial Fund, to assist the financial needs of myeloma support groups nationwide. Many such groups are self-supported, often with limited financial means.

To this end, we have invited support leaders to submit funding requests through a PMMNG Board-approved form. Examples of such requests might include, but are not limited to: speaker or social worker honorariums, expenses associated with brochures and other publications, the creation and maintenance of websites, rent, technical equipment, and initiatives that will assist the leaders in supporting its membership.

Requests will be reviewed for approval at the PMMNG’s Quarterly Board meetings, with exceptions for a quicker response if there appears to be an immediate need for funding.

Please contact Karen Horan at Karen.horan@verizon.net to submit an application, or if you require further information regarding the Fund.  If you would like to contribute directly, please visit the Donations page of our site, where online contributions can be made to our PayPal account. (Please specify “Horan Fund” in the appropriate field when making your contribution.)

On behalf of the Horan family, we wish to thank all support group leaders for their great commitment to the community of myeloma patients and caregivers, and the unceasing work of their group members.

Columbia, SC Multiple Myeloma Support Group

From Susan Mandel, Columbia, SC Multiple Myeloma Support Group: “Here is a picture of a good portion of our little support group thanking you for your generous gift for our iPad projector. I’m holding it up in the back. We all wanted to say THANK YOU! for honoring
Mike Horan’s memory by helping other support groups gain more knowledge about our disease….Thank you again SO MUCH!!”

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