PMMNG News Items

Myeloma Crowd logoMyeloma Crowd and Karyopharm are making N95 face masks available to multiple myeloma patients and their caregivers. The come in sterilized packs of five each. If you'd like a package of face masks, please contact Greg Brozeit at [email protected] or 330-990-1090.

U Penn Medicine logoThe PMMNG has supported the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center for some time in their development of a survey on the topic of financial toxicity for myeloma patients.  The survey is ready now, and we invite you to participate in this study to help our research community better understand the impact of our treatments on the non-medical side of our lives.  The study is being led by Christina Bach, Colleen Erb and Dr. Edward Stadtmauer, all of whom have been active with us in the PMMNG.

The recruitment letter for the survey, which provides details about how to participate in the survey, is attached below.

OncoLink logoSeveral foundations are making emergency financial aid available to cancer patients who may be affected by coronavirus and covid-19. They can help with things like drug & grocery delivery, transportation to chemotherapy (so you can avoid public transportation), child-care, and other expenses that help you to stay safe at home.

OncoLink is maintaining a web page that keeps track of open funds and eligibility requirements. Since fund availability changes rapidly, it is a good idea to check the OncoLink page frequently.

Best wishes to everyone. Stay safe!

Myeloma Crowd LogoMyeloma Crowd and HealthTree have opened a COVID-19 Myeloma Patient Study. It is a series of questions that have been created by the Myeloma Crowd Multiple Myeloma Research Review Board. These myeloma experts and the Myeloma Crowd want to know how COVID-19 is affecting myeloma patients.

The anonymous answers will be aggregated and analyzed by myeloma researchers to identify recommendations that will help all myeloma patients know how best be protected and effectively treated for both COVID-19 and their myeloma. Their goal is to include 1,000 myeloma and precursor condition (MGUS and smoldering myeloma) patients and to provide reporting results quickly.

Each study participant will receive a free rapid COVID-19 antibody test. This is a finger prick blood test that identifies if you have developed coronavirus antibodies.This rapid test was used in a 3200 patient Stanford University study and has been verified in a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) approved lab.

Please note that you must be registered with HealthTree to participate in the study. For more information, go to