Diversity & Inclusion
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Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

[Note: The DEI Committee, in its continuing efforts to disseminate information about Multiple Myeloma, is seeking to have newspapers publish the article which you can read below. Please look at the bottom of this page for the attachment with the document.]

Those of us who have gathered as the Philadelphia Myeloma Networking Group (PMMNG), have always strived to be inclusive of anyone who finds themselves touched by multiple myeloma.  We know that people from all walks of life are diagnosed with this disease, and we stand ready to offer encouragement, support and education to them and their loved ones. As a result, the PMMNG Diversity and Inclusion committee is working diligently to expand our outreach to communities of color within the Philadelphia community.

Many organizations within the Myeloma community have begun initiatives to better serve communities of color, reflecting some of the challenges that people of color have had in receiving equitable access to top notch medical services and support.  We have joined this effort.  The information here on the PMMNG website is meant to reflect the diverse programs and information that is available currently.

Myeloma Programs to Address the Needs of the African American Myeloma Community

Black Myeloma Health (healthtree.org) – Myeloma Crowd’s program for African Americans

https://myelomacentral.com/africanamericans/about/ - Bristol Myers Squib’s initiative called “Standing in the GAAP”

Diversity and Inclusion | International Myeloma Foundation – a collection of information pertaining to access and outcomes; pilot programs in directly impacting health services for African Americans

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - themmrf.org – description of goals, emphasis on genetics and participation in clinical trials