Members of PMMNG share their stories here about how multiple myeloma has affected their lives. We especially hope these stories will help new patients. Click the story title or the "Read More" link to read the member's full story.

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Richard's Story "My Myeloma Story with the Elephant on My Back"

Richard's photoSince starting our love affair in 1996, my wife Stephanie and I have shared a passion for travel and adventure.  In 2017, having been married for 18 years, we visited Shanghai, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.  The adventures in each venue could fill many pages, but those stories are for another day.

Jack's Story

Jack photoI was a 49 year-old father of five adolescent kids with a demanding job and a time-consuming commute when I was diagnosed with MM in 2003.  That news, delivered clumsily by my hematologist, left me shell-shocked in his waiting room for over an hour. Nothing gets your attention like a mid-life reminder of your mortality.

Phil's Story

phil and barbara in italyCancer tried to change my life.  Once I find something I like doing, I keep doing it. I’ve lived in a small town, Langhorne, outside Philadelphia, with Barbara, my wife of 44 years, since 1979. We have three grown children: two girls and a boy. I’ve been driving the same green 1967 Corvette since 1991.

Marilyn's Story

I was in the midst of purchasing a life insurance policy when a routine insurance exam detected an abnormally high protein in my urine.  My family doctor advised me to wait and see if anything progressed and since there were no other symptoms, I felt comfortable with his recommendation.

Maddie's Story

I was diagnosed in February of 2001 at the age of 52.  I had been experiencing some morning nausea and weight loss during the previous six months and attributed both to a set of challenging life circumstances.  Being a single mother of a young boy, working full-time in a demanding job and caring for my elderly parents who temporarily moved in with me to address some of their individual medical needs seemed explanation enough for why I wasn’t feeling myself.  But when I fainted on the job and found myself in the ER, I had a feeling something more significant was happening...