Publications and Newsletters

CancerCare Publications - A large number of online and print publications with helpful information on a variety of topics of interest to cancer patients and their caregivers.

Dr. Durie's Blog - Weekly (or so) blog posts by Dr. Brian Durie, the head of the International Myeloma Foundation on topics of interest to multiple myeloma patients and caregivers.

Helping Hand - A detailed guide for people with cancer. It covers types of cancer, services, financial help, and much more.

Myeloma Minute – E-newsletter with updates about treatment and management of myeloma, research, clinical trials and the myeloma community.  Provided by the International Myeloma Foundation.

Myeloma Today -  Quarterly journal with scientific and clinical news about myeloma, education and awareness programs, patient meetings, advocacy activities, and human interest stories. Available online and by mail.   Provided by the International Myeloma Foundation.