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Marilyn & Sharon Alexander Are Featured in Philadelphia Inquirer Article

Marilyn and Sharon Alexander
From Philadelphia Inquirer

PMMNG members (and co-founders) Marilyn and Sharon Alexander were featured in an April 17 article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The story explains Marilyn's history with multiple myeloma, Sharon's role as a caregiver for Marilyn, and provides information about our upcoming Miles for Myeloma 5K Walk/Run fundraiser (to be held on April 28).

You can read the inspirational article here.

And Metro published an informative story, also on April 17, about the Miles for Myeloma 5K, featuring an interview with Maddie Hunter. Our Miles for Myeloma PR machine is in full swing! :)

And speaking of the Miles for Myeloma 5K, April 23 is the last day for online registration and to purchase a Tribute Path sign. So if you have not registered yet, get hopping

Also we could use more volunteers to help with registration activities and checking in participants on the day of the event. Click here if you'd like to volunteer.

PMMNG Members

Yet Another News Flash: We are extending the deadline for completion of the survey regarding Survivorship Care plans until April 30th.  Please take the time to complete this survey by going to:  

Amazon gift cards will be available for all who complete the survey.  Additional gift cards will be provided if you join in a 30-minute focus group discussion of your experience taking the survey after the May 12th PMMNG meeting.

News Flash: Registration for the 2018 Miles for Myeloma 5K Walk/Run is now open!

The event will be held Saturday April 28, 2018 at Memorial Hall/Please Touch Museum in Fairmont Park, located at 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131.

Register here!

If you'd like a sample letter or a poster you can send to friends and family to let them know how to support Miles for Myeloma, please check the attachments at the bottom of this page.

And check the Miles for Myeloma menu items in our menu bar above for more information.


The Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group’s (PMMNG) mission is to be an ongoing resource for myeloma patients, their families and friends.

PMMNG Vision

Provide hope to the Myeloma community through education, companionship, compassion, and advocacy while working toward a cure.

PMMNG Mission

  • Enrich the lives of patients and their families through programs and resources for living with and conquering myeloma
  • Foster connections and dialogue among members at all stages of the myeloma journey
  • Open pathways for patients seeking treatment by building and sustaining relationships with area medical centers, national myeloma organizations and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Provide support for organizations advancing research and financial assistance for myeloma treatment
  • Advocate for research and legislation regarding effective treatment and quality of life

Who We Are

The PMMNG was formed in 1995, and is a diverse group of myeloma patients, their caregivers and support persons.

From an original meeting around a kitchen table, the founding members led the organization to find more appropriate meeting space, an experienced group facilitator and many more members.

Phil Falkowitz and his wife, Barbara, along with Marilyn Alexander and her twin sister, Sharon, mobilized efforts to include patient education, political advocacy and fundraising for Myeloma research. Meeting notices spread throughout the Philadelphia region and relationships with local cancer organizations were established.

In 1999, the growing group found its current home at the Ralston House. The membership list grew to upwards of 300 members. At present, the PMMNG is affiliated with the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF). The PMMNG is led by a Steering Committee and is known in the region as a safe haven for families dealing with myeloma.

Certainly we wish there were no need for a group such as ours, but we take comfort from the fact that we have been able to reach and assist so many more people than the small group who met more than 20 years ago.

Group Facilitators

Maddie Hunter: or 732-549-7981
Marilyn Alexander: or 215-694-4146 

Direct Contact


Medical Advisors

Dr. Edward Stadtmauer and Dr. Dan Vogl,
Abramson Cancer Center, University of Pennsylvania