Maddie's Story

I was diagnosed in February of 2001 at the age of 52.  I had been experiencing some morning nausea and weight loss during the previous six months and attributed both to a set of challenging life circumstances.  Being a single mother of a young boy, working full-time in a demanding job and caring for my elderly parents who temporarily moved in with me to address some of their individual medical needs seemed explanation enough for why I wasn’t feeling myself.  But when I fainted on the job and found myself in the ER, I had a feeling something more significant was happening...

Marilyn's Story

I was in the midst of purchasing a life insurance policy when a routine insurance exam detected an abnormally high protein in my urine.  My family doctor advised me to wait and see if anything progressed and since there were no other symptoms, I felt comfortable with his recommendation.

Phil's Story

phil and barbara in italyCancer tried to change my life.  Once I find something I like doing, I keep doing it. I’ve lived in a small town, Langhorne, outside Philadelphia, with Barbara, my wife of 44 years, since 1979. We have three grown children: two girls and a boy. I’ve been driving the same green 1967 Corvette since 1991.