Special PMMNG Meeting: Using Your Patient Data to Inform Treatment Decisions - Conversations with the MMRF and Health Tree Foundation

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From: healthitsecurity.com

Join us Saturday January 29th from 1:30-3:00 PM EST for a special Zoom program to consider how you might benefit from data initiatives sponsored by the MMRF and HealthTree/Myeloma Crowd.  Each of these programs offers myeloma patients deeper insights into their health data to help guide treatment decisions.  You’ll hear from the MMRF’s Mary DeRome, Director, Medical Communications and Education, and from Jenny Ahlstrom, Founder & President, HealthTree/Myeloma Crowd.  

Advance registration is required to take part in this webinar to be held via Zoom.  

Slides from both presentations are available below as attachments to this page

Zoom recording from the meeting

Information about the MMRF's CloudCure program

Information about Healthtree's Cure Hub program