February 2024 PMMNG Meeting - Update from ASH 2023 by Dr. Shivani Kapur

Dr. Adam Cohen

We will be holding our next regular monthly Philadelphia Multiple Myeloma Networking Group (PMMNG) meeting on Saturday, February 10, 2024 from 1:30-3:00 PM EST via Zoom.  Our meeting will feature an update on the American Society for Hematology (ASH) 2023 conference, which was held in San Diego, CA in December. (The link goes to search results listing the 852 abstracts for multiple myeloma.)

Dr. Shivani Kapur, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Penn Multiple Myeloma Program, will give us a summary of the key research results from ASH. There was very encouraging news about new drugs and combinations of drugs to treat multiple myeloma presented at this meeting, so join the meeting to hear all about it. 

Dr Kapur has a broad background in hematology oncology, and her presentations and publications reflect a wide range of topics relevant to the field, including the treatment of multiple myeloma and acute myeloid leukemia and their ancillary effects.

Note: In addition, because March is Myeloma Action Month, Marilyn Alexander will talk about how you can get involved to help spread the word about multiple myeloma. She will discuss the letter attached near the bottom of this page and will show a short video.

All PMMNG members will receive a meeting invitation via email.  If you are new to the group or our meetings, contact Barbara Falkowitz (b[email protected]) to receive the meeting link. 

We look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

NOTE: The presentation recording is available here. (The recording was accidentally started a little ways into the presentation, but there's lots of good material in what was recorded!)