September 2018: Interpreting Test Results (Colleen Erb)

lab tests

During our September 8, 2018 PMMNG meeting Colleen Erb will educate us on how to interpret multiple myeloma test results. Serum Protein Electrophoresus Test, Immunofixation Test, Free Light Chain Test - just the names of these tests sound like a foreign language! Trying to understand what the test results actually mean can be even more intimidating. Colleen will walk us through the most common and important tests for myeloma patients and help us know what they mean and what to look for.

Collen is a nurse practitioner at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. She specializes in hematologic malignancies, especially multiple myeloma and amyloidosis. She works with patients on symptom management, pain management, diagnosis and treatment of complications of chemotherapy, coordination of care, collaboration with attending physicians, and referral and collaboration with other specialties.

Please join us for this informative program!