March 2018 Meeting: Dual Topics - Survivorship Care Research Project & Patient-Caregiver Split Conversations

Note: Due to some unforeseen problems, Donna Capozzi was unable to attend our March meeting. She has rescheduled for our upcoming April meeting.

Joseph Benci, PhD, MPH, spoke about an upcoming research project at Penn Medicine about survivorship care. Joseph's slides are available as an attachment below.

We held patient-caregiver split conversations for the second half of the meeting.

October 2021 PMMNG Meeting - Patient - Caregiver Split

patient and caregiver

Our October 9th monthly meeting will be a patient-caregiver split meeting.  This meeting will actually be held as two separate meetings, one after the other.  The first meeting will be for patients and the second will be for caregivers.  The same Zoom link will be used for both meetings.  The times for each of these meetings will be as follows: